Measures #COVID-19

Our staff adhere daily to safety standards and precautions that satisfy hygiene and cleanliness guidelines, always ensuring the warmest possible stay for our guests. We have taken all the necessary precautions in our facilities, complying with the recommendations received from the relevant institutions.

Specific measures have been taken for prevention, cleaning, hygiene and sanitisation:

Sanitising areas

We regularly sanitise all areas of our facilities, including rooms, reception and common areas, paying particular attention to all contact points.

Hand sanitiser

We have placed hand sanitiser gel dispensers in communal and circulation areas including reception and our kitchens.

Body temperature measurement

When our guests arrive, we check their body temperature with a state-of-the-art infrared thermometer.

Staff equipped safety devices

All our staff are equipped with FFP2 masks and regularly changed medical gloves to welcome you with the utmost safety.

Respecting safety distances

We give special attention to respecting safety distances according to the recommendations received from the relevant organisations.

We ask our guests:

We ask our guests to respect a few simple rules in order to make everyone’s stay in the facilities safer and better.
Access and/or stay in the common areas of the facility is only allowed while wearing a mask.
Keep a safe distance of at least one metre in all common areas of the guesthouse.
In case of coughing or sneezing, always cover your mouth and nose.
Wash hands thoroughly with soap or use the hand sanitiser dispensers available in the facility.
In case oIn case of fever or flu-like symptoms, inform our staff promptly.